Waiting Patiently

"I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry."

How many times we cry unto the Lord for our needs and we go to Him in our difficult situations. We get to the point that we are so weary cause we want God to hear us NOW! But... as the above Scripture says, the Psalmist waited "patiently" and the Lord heard his cry. He did not wait for an answer murmuring and complaining. He did not sulk cause of his situation. He simply just "waited" on the Lord "patiently" and the Lord heard his cry. This is so powerful! God's Word has all the answers we need. A lot of our situations are a result of our own selfishness and sin.

We try to redeem our own situations and we get in God's way. But, if we wait on God "patiently", the above verse says "he inclined unto me" which means He comes to us. He hears our cry! When we try to redeem our situations ourselves instead of patiently waiting on God to redeem us, then He cannot
work in our situations.

For mothers, I think one of the frequent areas we try to redeem rather than wait patiently for God, is with our children. When they hurt we want to immediately run to them and put an end to it. But oftentimes we get in the way of God working to produce strong character in our children's lives. It is the painful situations that produce character in our children if handled properly. Our job when we see our children hurting is to go to God and cry out if we must and then wait on Him with patience and endurance. And the Word says he will hear our cry.

This goes for any situation we are in; including our husbands and marriages. We go to our husbands and we cry and beg and sometimes we even lash out cause we feel we cannot take it anymore. But, if we would go to God and cry to him and then wait on Him patiently, we would have more peace in the midst
of our marital situations. A lot of times it is all in how we handle things that makes the difference. At times it is difficult to be patient and wait on God. But, He knows this. He knows our hearts and all of its pain. He is there for us to cry to, lean on, and express every emotion we need.

He is a loving God who is very patient with us and each time we go to Him and choose to let Him handle our difficulties rather than taking it upon ourselves, then He is ever faithful to carry us through each and every situation. God wants us to learn patience in every situation. Learning to wait patiently on Him gives us character. It it is a sign of growth and
maturity in Christ.

And when we have this developed in our own lives, then we can help others by being an example of what Christ is doing in our own lives; especially for our children. If we want our children to have good character, then we as parents must first have it in our own lives cause children learn by the examples of their parents.

How do we want our children to handle the circumstances of life? Do we want them to see us walking around living a defeated life in Christ, or do we want them to learn to "patiently wait on the Lord"? Let us all be an example
for others to see.

Got a difficult situation? Cry out to the Lord and wait patiently for Him to incline unto you. He will never fail you!

Song playing is "Listen To Our Hearts"